The first three documents printed, distributed and posted in the camp on the last day of the first MapFugees mission in the Grande-Synthe refugee camp (April 7-20):

  • Map of the camp (pdf 6 MB, png 1,8 MB)
  • Map of the surroundings (pdf 10 MB, png 2 MB)
  • Bus route printout (with Kurdish translation, pdf 300 KB, png 100 KB)

Making a map of the camp by and for the residents is the goal of the MapFugees project. All the content contained in these documents was collected and edited in collaboration with the residents of the camp.

This is just the beginning! Soon will come pretty, professionally looking maps intended for print, with pictograms, key, Kurdish translation… The whole thing.

And we’ll continue posting files on this page so that others can build new maps and new tools for the residents and the generous volunteers working and living in the camp.

Other resources:

Please leave a comment if you have any question or suggestion or get in touch with us at

2 thoughts on “Files & Resources

  1. Thanks Majed! You are right, maps can help a lot with camp management and distribution issues. Fortunately this camp was pretty well structured already, made our work a lot easier and efficient.


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